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What is Communiversity: Communiversity is an educational program organized for the residents of Providence Point.  Folks in nearby neighborhoods are invited to participate. Since its first quarter in 1985, Communiversity has offered a wide range of small informal classes and seminars in which students and faculty interact as peers.  Tests and grades are not given.  Communiversity was started by PP residents under mandate and is now run by a paid Director/educator, in collaboration with two committees comprised of (non-paid) residents. Your Umbrella Board has oversight of Communiversity.

 Who are the Instructors: Classes are taught by women and men who have expertise in the subject and have excellent teaching credentials.  Many are active or retired from colleges and universities. Some are residents of Providence Point. All have a keen interest in education.

 What do Classes Cost: Communiversity is an important amenity of Providence Point. The cost of classes is met as a budgetary item by the Umbrella Board.  The cost is thus proportioned among all the homeowners. Residents in nearby neighborhoods who wish to attend the classes are charged a tuition fee which is used to help meet the expenses.  Special costs and expenses for unusual supplies may on occasion be charged to persons taking the particular class.

 When and Where are the Classes Held: Classes generally meet once a week for eight weeks in fall, winter, and spring quarters. Presently they are held in available space on the Providence Point campus. Please click on the Locations tab to see locations.

 What is the Governing Board:  Communiversity is operated by a Governing Board. The Board establishes policy and oversees the general operation of Communiversity. The nine to twelve member board includes at least one member from each of the seven villages.

 What is the Program Planning Committee: The Program Planning Committee is a committee of the Communiversity Governing Board. It’s function is to assist the Communiversity Director in the development, evaluation, and implementation of the Communiversity program.  It is made up of 10-12 members from Providence Point.


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