Dropbox Tutorial

Installing and Using Dropbox

             This tutorial is for informational purposes only. There is no need to have Dropbox  on your computer to use this web site.

Dropbox is a program you can install on your computer. You can drag and drop files and folders into the dropbox folder and they are immediately mirrored in the cloud. You can always access them from anywhere and share them in a variety of ways. An overview on the uses of dropbox can be seen at Overview.

Here is a very good on-line tutorial on getting started with and using dropbox. Or paste the following into your browser. Both are hot links to the same content.


After you drag some files into your desktop dropbox, they are immediately mirrored on the web, You can get the web address (URL) to any file or an entire folder by the following steps:

  1. log into your dropbox space (it is on line not on your desktop)
  2. navigate to your folder or file you want to share and place your mouse over it
  3. right click on the file
  4. left click on “Share Link” in the drop down menu that appears
  5. if the URL link is not highlighted on the screen that opens, highlight it, put your curser over it, right click and choose “copy ”

This procedure puts the URL link  to the file/folder into the clipboard on your computer. You can then paste this into a word file or otherwise distribute it.


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