We try to keep the links on this page current.  If you find one that does not work please let us know.  However, for many of your questions, you can google the topic to get an answer.

  • Navigation on this site: the menu tabs and all the hot links lead you to a new page. Use the back button on your browser to return to where you were. Alternatively place your mouse over a hot link, right click and open the link in a new window.  It will appear at the top portion of your browser and you may need to click on it to view it.  Be sure to close the window when you are done.  If you have a MAC see
  • Notification: If you would like to be sent an e-mail when new posts appear on the home page please sign up (enter from the right hand side of your page) to activate this feature. Your email address is never made public.
  • Security: Today safe browsing is a large concern to many.  While no one can guarantee that any information you send over the internet can remain private, we have taken steps to keep your information private and to keep this site virus free. Files that are placed on dropbox and on wordpress for you to download and read are posted (by us) using https encryption and the computer we use to post files is scanned daily and deep scanned at least one a month by Avista so as to identify and delete any system viruses.  Dropbox and WordPress have their own security checks. When you sign up for receiving an email each time a new post is added to the site, your email is never made public.

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