Posting Course Documents and More

Posting Course Documents and More:

This is mainly addressed to instructors. If you would like to post information, say as a doc, jpg, or a pdf file, we would be pleased to help. This can be done before the term starts or “just in time” before students need it in the class. It will cut down on copying costs and time, and facilitates your last minute changes. The following describes three ways to do this.

1. Write or organize your materials on your home computer and drag them into your dropbox folder, again on your computer. This will be mirrored on the web and all you need to do is to give your students the URL address for them to download the materials. Details are described in the Dropbox tutorial on this site. It allows access to anyone who has the URL. Everything is free.
2. Develop your own wordpress site. This allows you to do more for your students but as you can see in the tutorial section the set up is a bit more involved. Again everything is free
3. Use a combination of 1 and 2.

This site you are on now is an example of the second and third methods. If you are interested contact Communiversity member


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